I don't know if I'm first a Realtor, then a designer or the other way around. All I know is that my professional life is dedicated to transforming a house into a home. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or refresh your space, professional help is here.

If you're buying, I assist with every aspect of the transaction in closing on a home that suits you. In addition, I offer my services in modifying aspects of the home that will making it uniquely yours.

If you're selling, I assist with staging to ensure your home is placed in the best possible light, along with market analysis, professional photos and all-inclusive marketing to secure the best possible price, timeframe and terms for your sale.

Whether you need entire home updates or just one room help, I am here to provide help in bringing it all together. Picking finishes, selecting furniture, and incorporating existing items to fit into a new, modern look.

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A Brief History

I began my real estate career over nine years ago. I initially ventured into the profession with the intention of working part-time, in order to be able to raise my baby daughter. Now it has become a passion of mine. I've developed my skills as an agent but found I loved the designing and completion of the home after the sale as much as I enjoyed the process of buying and selling.

I am the daughter of a mother who, is, in her own right, an accomplished agent and a father who is a builder, sought after by clients who demand not only edifice integrity, but also creative and unique designs.

I feel fortunate to have each parent contribute to my knowledge and interest for each project. It is a legacy.