Craigslist of the Day

Craigslist of the Day

Dear readers, I am a cheapskate at heart.

I also am a slave to trends. Or at least a humble, lowly paid servant type person.

This is rough on me. On Mr. Savvy Lockbox. On my children as they vie for my attention as I swoon and die over a beautiful room on Instagram that bears no resemblance to anything I currently own.

Fortunately, I am also very good friends with Craig. And his list.

So I will occasionally, with ya'lls permission and indulgence, share a Craigslist of the Day, wherein I find a deal that is 1. awesome 2. inexpensive 3. not for me.

If nothing else, ya'll can feel superior to me, that you do not compulsively live for shiny new things. Or even old, beat up things.

I don't know why I digress so often! Here is an example, provided by the extraordinary Emily Henderson, of one of the many uses for a mid century dresser.

She uses it as, wait for it, a dresser. Didn't I tell you she was incomparable?

She really is. But you could use it as a console behind a desk for storage, underneath a wall mounted TV for components, or in a playroom that acts like it's fancy and super cute instead of the dumping ground it is in my home.



And here is the woefully mis-styled option here on our very own local Craigslist. For the price, $395, you'd be paying double at a designer retailer or the same at IKEA for uh, a headache and a fight with your spouse when ya'll putting it together.



Do you feel me? Made by Dixie. And boy, she's got legs. Wish mine were as smooth.

This could be great. She deserves a home.

I could be the Sarah McLaughlin of abandoned furniture. Late night ads to tug at your heartstrings. She nailed it with the song playing in the background. I feel like a jerk not giving someone my credit card number to set up eternal auto-pay.

What do you think? Is Craigslist of the Day a good idea? I mean, I'll be on it anyway. I scored a Room and Board sofa the other day...but now I'm bragging. Or perhaps Craigslist of the Week? Every day might be asking too much of ya'll, my precious 5 readers. And that number includes my mom and dad.

Whatever. The Great Emily Henderson didn't always have a small army of devoted followers. And look how innovatively she uses dressers now.


The Savvy Lockbox aka Raquel Petersen







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