How to Get that Designer Bathroom for Under $600

How to Get that Designer Bathroom for Under $600

It's where life gets really real. Where little bums are wiped, where sticky hands are washed, where soap crayon drawings are the sweetest works of art.

And sometimes, those drawings aren't in soap crayon. Sometimes, they are in permanent marker. WHOEVER ON EARTH THOUGHT PERMANENT MARKERS should be made in colors that appeal to children should rethink his priorities.

I'm talking about the bathroom. More specifically, the guest bathroom that, in 95% of American households, doubles as the kids bathroom.

Yes, it would be wonderful to have a dedicated place where guests could use the facilities without being exposed to undetermined drops on the seat, a skidmarked pair of undies that escaped the frantic pre-company cleanup, or suspicious booger-like crusts on the hand towel. Actually, now that I've delineated all the ways I could gross out others, I'm convinced I need to start a petition of some kind, perhaps a GoFund EVERYBODY so we can all keep our business to ourselves.

And I'm sorry for having mentioned skidmarks. Very tacky. If I've offended you with that, then you live a charmed life and can I have yours? Thanks.

So now that we've established I'm in need of a skid-free life...wait, that sounds really close to kid-free...can one exist without the other? My 7 year old would shrug with disappointment in his eyes that I'm even surprised anymore.

In the event that you're still with me, allow me to show how we can get that bathroom situation together. I won't promise the above mentioned atrocities won't still need to be attended to, but I can promise you'll be in a much better mood as you use your industrial strength disinfectant.

Or your non-toxic, homemade vinegar and essential oil solution. Hey, I don't judge. Whatever ya gotta do to get through.

Here's our inspiration pic. It's from my really close friends at Studio McGee. Ok, they don't know I exist. But let me take you through what we need to get close.




This will be for a smaller bathroom, but a few components make this a worthy start. First, the stand alone vanity. NOTHING makes a bathroom look more finished than a stand alone vanity. If nothing else, consider this for your bathroom. The one shown would cost over $1000 on it's own. Here's my option.



Let's consider changing out the knobs, shall we? for a mere $5 each, we could do THIS!



Do not use the tops from Ikea unless you have to. Find a fabricator in your area and ask if they have any remnants from bigger jobs that they'd sell to you and have them fabricate a custom top. I think a budget of $100 will get you there, easy. And certainly if you use the Ikea option.

Or, if you're in Arizona, call me and let me do all of this for you. I bet I still come in under $600 with my fee included. Plus then you'd know me. And I'd know you. And that would be nice.

Next, get your sink and faucet. I like vessel sinks, in fact, I love em. But I'd recommend an undermount. Easier to clean and easier for little ones to get at. Unless of course you just love to accompany your precious in every life experience.

And unless your husband is very handy, a plumber, or just a real go getter, I'd stick with the regular mount instead of the wall mount for your faucet.



Both the sink and the faucet are from Amazon. Sink is $105 and faucet is $66. Time to accept that Amazon Prime is life. But I'm going with it because I am as impatient for a great bathroom as you are.

I think it's worth noting at this point that I'm offering links as a show of love, not as a call for your money. As of this writing, I get zero dollars for sharing these links. Nope, no affiliate sell out here. Until I figure how exactly I can do that, I will perch myself, superior on my high horse that I make no money.

Why do it then? I hear myself asking the same question. Or maybe it was Mr. Savvy Lockbox that I heard ask it. The answer is I don't know. I don't read too much into things, obviously.

And my little sister says she doesn't know where to start on her house. This may be my passive aggressive way to tell her.

You don't want to see my non-passive aggressiveness. Or maybe you do. I can be a real scene.

Onto lighting. This is my favorite. Mostly because you won't have to pay an electrician to change the location of the light but still get that cool, swing arm look that all the kids are mad for.



If you're into it, it's a steal at $72. Other retailers have price points that would most def blow the budget. I still love the gold trend. Better to go brushed or aged. Or, there's a white version for $32 if you're cheap and easy or if you don't want to replace your faucet with the gold. No judgements.

Who thinks that sister I mentioned should do this? Me too. Carly, I got the plan. Give me that green light and lets do it!

Too early to promise a follow up post?

Perhaps. I often get ahead of myself. Especially with other people's money and houses.

But, no, honestly, just say the word little sis, swallow the blue pill like on The Matrix (which my parents JUST barely saw, and marveled to us that it was amazing and had we seen it? Umm, yeah. Ya'll were the last ones on earth that hadn't heard of it) and LETS DO IT! Your builder grade bathroom is entirely serviceable so naturally I want to pressure you into spending your hard earned money.

For this little exercise, I'm not going to go into flooring or that backsplash, even though I highly recommend considering adding it. In my estimation, if you did a patterned concrete and white subway, it would add around $400. Dad, if you're reading this, please don't correct me on that amount. And sorry for putting you and mom on blast about The Matrix.  

So dear reader, I know $600 is a lot of change but the value you would add to your home would be at least double that. Plus you would get the love and adoration of your children for giving them a fresh new canvas to ruin. Just kidding. Your kids are probably AWESOME and not forces of destruction.

It's like I tell those gosh darned kids, "If it were easy, everyone would do it." Go ahead, go after your dreams. Especially if those dreams include designer looking bathrooms. And if they don't, well, you got this far. That basically makes you very special to me.


The Savvy Lockbox aka Raquel Petersen

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