How to Choose A Brick Wall for a Master Bedroom


When we began the remodel on our master bedroom, it started with my irascible compulsion to create a focal point of a brick wall behind my bed.

I spent some time back East, in the DC area and Baltimore, and this kind of feature was organically everywhere. The rustic/destroyed wood floors with an aged brick wall was not a trendy design idea, it was the natural evolution of building materials that had aged.

So I live in Arizona, where everything seems to be about 15 years old. Okay, not really, but sort of.

And it bugs me.

I want that organic, aged feel and find myself gravitating towards that Baltimore row house or New York loft much more than the fresh, Cape Cod, coastal look that's also so popular.

I want vines, not seashells.

I want texture, not board and batten.

I want monochrome, not the bright blues and greens.

As for the design that exists in most of the areas here? Stucco.

For days.


So as I was set out how to choose a brick wall for a master bedroom. I already had my contractor, Walt, otherwise known as Dad.

It's handy having a father who builds homes and a mother who sells homes...there are many dinner table conversations that people pay for as consulting. It's like this blog is their virtual child. Equal parts love for the building/renovating and the buying/selling.

He suggested I frame in the wall to make it look more custom and also suggested a ceiling treatment, but I'll get into that another time.

He offered some ideas, like stacked cantera or travertine on the wall instead of brick but I was resolute.

I would have that brick wall.

So, where to begin?

First, I found some photos of a brick wall in a master bedroom that I wanted to use as inspiration.

Here are mine. Starting with my favorite.

A common theme running through each is that muted red that looks sort of whitewashed. But my absolute favorites are the first and last pic that has a bunch of black, almost like there was a fire.

Again, I feel like I want the look of an old, crumbling, fire damaged home when in reality I just want something that feels organic and aged.

Like I didn't JUST remodel.

Also, I noticed that everything I responded to had some kind of wood on the ceiling, floor or both.

If you, dear reader, collect your own inspiration photos, I imagine you'll see some themes as well.

These inspiration photos helped me identify exactly what kind of feel I was looking for and made me a lot less insecure when it came time to make my choices on the actual brick.

How much was this going to cost me? Well, that depends.

There are really two ways to go about it.

The first is a brick veneer that one basically installs as panels on the wall, that is basically pre-set. This will not give me as organic a look as, second, the individual thin brick "tiles" that need to be laid individually and then grouted.

The first option is cheaper to buy and cheaper labor if you are not doing the setting yourself. But, the look is, in my opinion, dramatically different. Not bad, just different.

It's much more uniform, and with less variation.

The second option is more expensive but offers a closer look to the real thing. Brick Salvage offers a YouTube video if you were to try and do it yourself.

This kind of detail, especially in a master bedroom, can offer a perfect way to add texture and beauty to your home.

In a week or so I will be detailing the changes we made to our master bedroom that includes the addition of a brick wall. It's almost finished and I cannot wait to share it.

Any questions, comment, feel free to contact me!

Thanks for reading. Remember, it's not just real estate, it's home.

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