The Best Shade of Gray - The Perfect Greige

Greige for DAYS

Greige for DAYS

You've decided to remodel your home. Or, you've decided to give your home or room a fresh paint job before listing it to sell. Good move. You've even decided what color you want to paint your home to freshen and update.


Oh, that coy little shade.

I recently had the joy of choosing between, not fifty, but 1000's of shades of gray.

Cue the jokes about the well-known bestseller with this very predicament as its title.

I found that if I went too cool, it made everything in my home look browner, or more golden. Nothing says 2001 like gold and brown under the Tuscan sun and Kirkland Home.

Except that we are at the starting line for 2015.

I could just whip out the latest Restoration Hardware catalog and begin happily circling a houseful of blissfully complementing furniture. But, alas, the Sharpie stays in the drawer and my kids can still go to college.

If I go too dark a gray, the walls will surely feel as though they were closing in on us. And nowhere, anywhere, does anyone say, "I just want it to feel more closed off and dark."

But if I go too light, it will appear almost cloudy white and would not do with baseboards and trim.

Online posts and Pinterest boards have made gray the new hot topic. And the disputes can get heated.

The wide array of choices even launched an entire blog, devoted first and foremost, to that elusive perfect shade...not too silver, not too beige, not too blue, not too anything but to act as a soft backdrop against a perfect life.

With a father whose business it is to know the current trends and materials in residential homes, I get a first hand look at what is going into brand new luxury homes. And I get a peek at what looks great in older homes that are being updated.

Since I'm in the latter category, I can only speak to what works as a great neutral that won't cause, as my mom quips "the old to laugh at the new" or in my case "the old to shriek hysterically at the new."

Anyone who's remodeled on a budget knows of what I speak.

As soon as I change one room or one part of a room, I suddenly cannot LOOK at another part without visions of a completely new house dancing through my head.  What was a perfectly fine cabinet color before becomes a hideous eyesore.

But, one must stop somewhere. And one needs a perfect shade of GREIGE. It's a beautiful thing when a fresh new paint color doesn't cause repulsion for the existing furniture, flooring, cabinets, kids, etc.

dunn edwards fine grain

So because the kids have to stay, here is my perfect shade of gray.

Dunn Edwards Fine Grain.

I need a neutral gray, without any pink leanings or blue suggestions, one that was warm enough to not clash with my bedroom furniture but cool enough to feel new.

Bob Villa picked it as one of the best "expert picks" for fail safe colors.

Because though I am choosing a color that would work for me, I always have resell in the back of my mind.

My runner ups were also Dunn Edwards in Crisp Muslin and Worldly Gray.

If you are just starting your search, I highly recommend actually painting a sample on to the wall. Depending on where you are painting in the home, the color can vary greatly based on lighting and space. This seems obvious but there's no better way to start narrowing your preferences than to see it on the surface.

Also, keep in mind that Home Depot color matches! So you can get any color, in any finish, in the brand of your choosing.

Thanks for reading. Remember, it's not just real estate. It's home.

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