Sneaky Trick to Get Restoration Hardware for Less


You love the catalogs. You love the online pics. You love the Pinterest boards. You don't love the prices.

Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have the items you lust after at prices you despair over.

Here's my favorite trick to getting the same items for much less.

Shop the kids version of those stores.

Crate and Barrel has Land of Nod, Pottery Barn has Pottery Barn Kids and Restoration Hardware has RH Baby and Child.

Case in point.

I searched for drapery panels high and low that were thick enough to provide substantial privacy, long enough to reach from near ceiling to floor and in a fabric that had no print, but texture instead.

Restoration Hardware option was $239 per panel. Belgian linen...more like Belgian spun gold. No thanks. Plus I'd need to buy the blackout liner, plus a second curtain rod.

RH Baby and Child option was $69 per panel (on sale) and came with a blackout liner and in a cool color block I couldn't find anywhere else. And with grommets! Easy sliding.


My second victory came a little differently in the form of my need for an ottoman/footstool type thing for my wingback chair that didn't come with anything.

RH Baby and Child option was a faux leather pouf that retailed for $399.

Land of Nod was $79. With the exact same dimensions.


I betcha it's the exact same manufacturer.

Here's how I used it. Doesn't look at all baby or child. Unless your name is North and your mom is Kim Kardashian.

I'm currently on the hunt for a super crystal-ly chandelier.  Again, this little trick is pulling me towards the kids section.

Restoration Hardware 19th Century Iron and Clear Crystal, retailing for $1495

And the other option from its RH Baby and Child, manor court chandelier, retailing for $499.

Now, it's true that one must check dimensions, as the child size version is usually smaller, but I find that for some purposes, it actually works better and, as in the case of the pouf, the dimensions are the same.

The quality on most of these items IS higher than you'll find at Wal-Mart or Target but is rarely justified with the cost. This little trick allows you to truly get Restoration Hardware for less.

If you are looking for something that you want to really stand, give the kids a chance.

Thanks for reading. Remember, it's not just real estate, it's home.

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