Interior Design Services

Interior design is often intimidating! There is so much content out there, via Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, etc, that it can be overwhelming. In reality, it's so simple that if every designer made it seem so, the industry might be out of a job.

I start by meeting with my client, determining what they need, what they like and then what price point they would like to stay at. Pricing is important! I understand that and I live within a budget myself. I like to complete a room with a mix of high and low. And I offer products and items from non-traditional sources like Craigslist and Offer-up.

I also offer 3d renderings of what you'd like the space to look like, so you can basically try before you buy.

For clients remodeling or building a home, I accompany you to the tile stores, the hardware retailers and showrooms to reduce your stress and make it as fun a process as it can be. I also work with your builder and/or architect to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.